Multi-Purpose Tent: Spacious and Versatile Shelter for Any Occasion

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Double Fly Single Fold Frame Tent (Inner Fold Hanging)

Outer Tent: Length-7.5 Meter, Width-6 Meter, Central Height: 3 Meter, Wall Height: 2.1 Meter
Inner Tent: Length-7.1 Meter, Width-5.8 Meter, Central Height: 2.9 Meter, Wall Height: 2 Meter

Roof Fabric: Made of Grey Waterproof & Rotproof PC Fabric, Weight: 440 GSM, Color: Natural Grey
Wall Fabric: Made of Grey Waterproof & Rotproof PC Fabric, Weight: 320 GSM, Color: Natural Grey


Inner Fabric: Made of 150 GSM PC sheeting, Weight: 150 GSM

Ground Sheet & Mudflap

Made of polyester coated PVC fabric, Weight: 500 GSM, Color: White/Off White
Bathtub ground sheet sewn/attached with inner fly.

Frame made of Powder coated iron. Dia: 48mm & Thickness: 1.2 mm
Color: Beige

03 High ventilation windows on each long side. Size: 60 x 40 cms
01 window on each front & back.
Total Windows: 08
Each window consist of mosquito netting & window shutter.

01 Door on each side of tent. Each door also consist of mosquito netting.

Pegs, Pins, Hammer & Repair Kit

Complete tent packed in 02 PVC Bags & 01 wooden box.
1st Bag = Complete outer & Inner Fabric of Tent.
2nd Bag = Complete set of poles (frame).
Wooden Box = Consist of Pegs, Pins, Hammer & Frame Joints.


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Experience Unmatched Versatility and Spacious Comfort with the IFRCS Multi-Purpose Tent

Elevate your outdoor experience with the IFRCS Multi-Purpose Tent, a haven of exceptional space, adaptability, and innovative design. This remarkable 45 square meter shelter caters to diverse needs, offering a comfortable and functional environment for large groups, events, or anyone seeking a versatile outdoor space.

Unwind in Unmatched Space and Functionality:

  • Expansive Interior: The generous footprint of the outer tent (7.5 meters x 6 meters) translates to a massive 45 square meters of usable space. This allows for comfortable sleeping arrangements for large groups, dedicated areas for socializing, storage for gear, or even designated spaces for specific activities within the tent.
  • Double Fly Protection for Unwavering Weather Resistance: The IFRCS Multi-Purpose Tent boasts a double fly design for superior protection against the elements. The outer fly utilizes a robust waterproof and rotproof PC fabric with a weight of 440 GSM, ensuring the tent remains dry and protected. The inner fly, featuring a hanging design, provides additional privacy and a comfortable interior environment.

Durable Construction for Lasting Performance:

  • Built to Withstand the Elements: The frame of the IFRCS Multi-Purpose Tent is constructed from sturdy, powder-coated iron poles. These poles boast a substantial diameter of 48mm and a thickness of 1.2mm, ensuring the tent remains stable and secure even in challenging weather conditions. The beige color of the frame adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Exceptional Breathability and Comfort:

  • Breathable Inner Tent: The inner tent is crafted from breathable PC sheeting with a weight of 150 GSM. This material allows for comfortable air circulation within the tent, preventing stuffiness and ensuring a pleasant environment for extended use.
  • Waterproof Groundsheet: A durable groundsheet, made of polyester-coated PVC fabric (500 GSM) in a white/off-white color, is sewn and attached to the inner fly. This bathtub-style groundsheet acts as a barrier against moisture and creates a clean, comfortable sleeping surface.

Enhanced Ventilation and Easy Access:

  • Ample Ventilation: Eight strategically placed high ventilation windows, each measuring 60 x 40 centimeters, are located on the long sides of the tent. An additional window is featured on both the front and back of the tent. Each window incorporates mosquito netting to allow for fresh air circulation while keeping insects out.
  • Multiple Doors for Convenience: Two mesh doors are conveniently located on each side of the tent. These doors provide easy access to the interior and contribute to the tent’s overall ventilation.

Effortless Setup and Convenience:

  • Organized Packing: The IFRCS Multi-Purpose Tent arrives conveniently packed in three separate components for easy transportation and setup. The complete outer and inner tent fabrics are packed in one PVC bag, the poles (frame) are packed in another PVC bag, and a wooden box stores the pegs, pins, hammer, and frame joints. This organized system ensures a smooth and efficient setup process.
  • Complete Kit: The tent comes with everything you need for a quick and hassle-free setup, including pegs, pins, a hammer, and a repair kit.

Offering exceptional space, unmatched versatility, and a user-friendly design, the IFRCS Multi-Purpose Tent is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a functional and comfortable outdoor shelter. Whether you’re planning a camping trip with a large group, hosting an outdoor event, or require a temporary workspace, this remarkable tent provides the perfect solution.


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