School Tent

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Size and Measurement The Shelter & Tent shall have following minimum length and measurements:-
a. Size – 7.86 X 4.76 meters
b. Minimum Rigid length – 4.76 meters
c. Minimum central height – 3 meters
d. Minimum side wall – 1.75 meters
e. 3 windows on both sides – 3 x 4 feet with rolled up flap.
f. One door each on front-back of size 3 x 6 feet with curtains.
g. Exhaust outlet on front-back 2×2 feet
h. Size of Mud flap – 10 inches
i. Size of outer lap – 12 inches


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The School Tent is a functional and reliable solution for creating temporary classrooms or common areas in various situations.

Spacious and Functional:

  • Comfortable Capacity: The generous size of 7.86 meters long by 4.76 meters wide provides ample space to comfortably accommodate 25-30 students, ideal for temporary classrooms, disaster relief shelters, or public gatherings.
  • Standing Room and Ventilation: With a center height of 3 meters and a minimum side wall height of 1.75 meters, the tent offers a comfortable amount of headroom and air circulation.

Durable Weather Protection:

  • High-Quality Canvas: The outer fly is made from heavy-duty, water-proof, and rot-proof cotton canvas weighing 420-450 gsm. This material ensures the tent can withstand various weather conditions and provides reliable shelter for extended use.

Functional Design for Multiple Uses:

  • Single Fly and Fold: The single fly and fold design allows for quick and easy setup, ideal for temporary applications.
  • Windows and Doors: Three windows on each side panel provide ample natural light and ventilation, while roll-up flaps offer privacy and temperature control. A conveniently sized door on both the front and back allows for easy entry and exit.
  • Exhaust Outlets: Exhaust outlets located on the front and back of the tent further enhance air circulation and help maintain a comfortable interior environment.
  • Mudflap and Outer Lap: A mudflap and outer lap help protect the tent from ground moisture and debris.

The School Tent is a versatile and functional solution for temporary classrooms, disaster relief efforts, or other situations requiring a well-ventilated and comfortable sheltered space.


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