Relief tent

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Double fly, single fold

Tent size: 4×4 Meter

Center Height: 2.10 Meter

Wall Height: 0.90 Meter

Outer & Inner fly: Made of breathable cotton canvas, Waterp & Rot proof, 400-450 Gram / M2.

Ground sheet: Both side laminated Polyethylene sheet. 900-100 Gram / M2. (Optional)

Tent is supplied with Steel Poles, pegs, pins, hammer etc.


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Find Refuge and Comfort with the Relief Tent: A Reliable Shelter in Times of Need

During difficult times, the Relief Tent offers a haven of comfort and protection. This functional 4×4 meter shelter provides a reliable temporary solution for individuals or small families in emergency situations or disaster relief efforts. Its durable construction and user-friendly design ensure a quick and easy setup, allowing you to focus on what matters most – finding safety and recovering from hardship.

Spacious Comfort in a Compact Footprint:

  • Accommodating Interior: Despite its compact size, the Relief Tent offers a surprisingly spacious interior. Measuring 4 meters by 4 meters, it provides ample living space for individuals or small families to rest and regroup after a crisis.

Double-Layered Protection from the Elements:

  • Unwavering Protection: The Relief Tent features a double fly construction, creating a reliable barrier against wind, rain, and sun. Both the outer and inner fly are crafted from high-quality, water-resistant, and breathable cotton canvas. This robust material boasts a weight of 400-450 grams per square meter (GSM), ensuring lasting durability and protection. The breathable nature of the cotton canvas allows for comfortable air circulation within the tent, preventing stuffiness and condensation.

Durable Construction for Unwavering Stability:

  • Built to Last: The frame of the Relief Tent is constructed from sturdy steel poles. These poles provide a strong and stable foundation, ensuring the tent remains secure and protects its occupants even in challenging weather conditions.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience:

  • Standing Height: The Relief Tent boasts a comfortable center height of 2.10 meters. This allows adults to stand upright inside the tent, providing a sense of space and freedom of movement.
  • Optional Groundsheet: Further enhance the comfort and protection of your temporary shelter with the available heavy-duty polyethylene groundsheet (900-1000 GSM). This waterproof sheet serves as a barrier against moisture from the ground, creating a cleaner and more comfortable sleeping surface.

Quick and Easy Setup for Immediate Use:

  • Hassle-Free Assembly: The Relief Tent features a double fly, single fold design that allows for a quick and effortless setup process. This allows you to focus on what matters most – establishing a safe haven during difficult times.
  • Complete Kit: For a convenient setup, the Relief Tent arrives with everything you need, including steel poles, pegs, pins, and a hammer.

The Relief Tent is a valuable resource for emergency preparedness and disaster relief efforts.

This reliable and functional shelter provides a temporary haven of comfort and protection, allowing individuals and families to find refuge and regroup during challenging times.


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