Winterized Tent

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Size: 4×4 Meters

Double fly, inner fly three fold

Center Height: 2.10 Meter

Wall Height: 0.90 Meter

Outer fly made of water proof canvas 420- 450gGrams/M2

Inner fly, 3 fold

Outer fold made of breathable water proof canvas, natural grey color, waterproof, 420-450 Gram / M2.

Middle fold: Poly fill padded of 100 gram / M2.

Inner fold: Sheeting fabric of white color, approx 50-55 gram / M2.

2 Doors, 2 Windows and space for Chimney on one door.

Ground sheet: winterized ground sheet

Iron poles: 2 standing and 1 ridge (2 pcs) made of painted steel poles of good quality.

Rope: 3 strand cotton rope equipped with tent

Iron pegs: Painted iron pegs 12 pcs

Iron pins: Painted iron pins 14 pcs

Hammer: 1 pcs

Packing: Each tent packed in 1 bundle.

Weight 52 kg of tent + 10 kg ground sheet in canvas

PE ground sheet weight: 4.800 kgs (Total tent weight 57 kg approx. in PE ground sheet).

Bundle measurement : 228x43x33 cm


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Embrace the beauty of winter and experience the thrill of camping year-round with the Winterized Tent.

This meticulously designed 4×4 meter shelter boasts exceptional warmth and protection, making it the perfect haven for even the most adventurous winter campers.

Unwavering Warmth for Unforgettable Winter Adventures:

  • Triple-Layered Insulation System: The Winterized Tent prioritizes your comfort with a revolutionary three-fold inner fly. This innovative system features:
    • Outer Layer: A breathable water-proof canvas layer (420-450 GSM) shields you from wind, snow, and light rain, ensuring the elements stay at bay.
    • Middle Layer: A layer of poly fill padding with a weight of 100 grams per square meter (GSM) provides exceptional insulation, trapping warmth within the tent and keeping you cozy even on the coldest nights.
    • Inner Layer: A white sheeting fabric (approximately 50-55 grams per square meter) adds an additional layer of warmth and creates a bright and comfortable interior environment.

Double Fly Protection for Unwavering Weather Resistance:

  • Peace of Mind in Any Weather: An outer fly, crafted from robust water-proof canvas with a weight of 420-450 grams per square meter (GSM), serves as your first line of defense against the elements. This durable layer sheds rain, snow, and wind, ensuring a dry and protected interior for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Durable Construction for Unwavering Stability:

  • Built to Withstand Winter’s Fury: The Winterized Tent is meticulously constructed to handle the challenges of winter camping. A sturdy frame featuring two standing poles and one ridge pole, all crafted from high-quality painted steel, provides exceptional stability and ensures the tent remains secure even in heavy snowfall or strong winds.
  • Winterized Groundsheet: Enhance comfort and protection further with the included winterized groundsheet. This specialized sheet acts as a barrier against the cold ground, preventing heat loss and ensuring a comfortable sleeping surface.

Functional Design for Convenience and Comfort:

  • Two Doors and Two Windows: Strategically placed doors allow for easy entry and exit, while two windows provide ventilation and a chance to enjoy the winter scenery.
  • Chimney Vent Space: For added functionality, the tent features a designated space on one door for a chimney vent, allowing you to utilize a camp stove safely and efficiently while maintaining warmth within the tent.

Effortless Setup and Complete Kit:

  • Quick and Easy Assembly: The Winterized Tent features a double fly, three-fold inner fly design that streamlines the setup process. Pitch your tent with ease and spend less time assembling, and more time enjoying the beauty of winter.
  • Everything You Need: For a convenient setup, the Winterized Tent arrives with everything you need, including iron pegs, pins, a hammer, and sturdy 3-strand cotton rope to secure the tent even in challenging conditions.

The Winterized Tent is the ideal companion for winter camping enthusiasts seeking a warm, comfortable, and functional shelter. With its innovative triple-layer insulation system, durable construction, and user-friendly design, this remarkable tent allows you to push the boundaries of your adventures and experience the magic of winter in complete comfort.


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