Storage / Frame tent

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Storage / Frame tent

Size: 14×7 Meter

Center height: 3.00 Meter

Wall height: 2.00 Meter

Single fly, double fold

Tent is made of breathable canvas, water & rot proof, Natural grey color, weight 600-650 gram / M2.

Inner lining: Dyed inner lining of cotton fabric, 150-160 gram / M2.

Frame: Made of steel pipe of 60MM rust free painted pipes.

Doors: 2 (extendable)


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Maximize your storage capabilities with the Heavy-Duty Frame Tent, a haven of exceptional space, weatherproof construction, and robust design.

This remarkable 14×7 meter shelter offers a generous interior to house a wide range of equipment, vehicles, supplies, or bulky items, making it the ideal solution for construction sites, agricultural needs, temporary workshops, or any situation requiring ample storage space.

Expansive Storage Capacity for All Your Needs:

  • Unmatched Space: The expansive footprint of the Heavy-Duty Frame Tent, measuring a substantial 14 meters by 7 meters, provides an unparalleled storage capacity. This allows you to comfortably store tools, vehicles, supplies, generators, or any other bulky items you require, keeping them organized and protected from the elements.

Durable Construction for Unwavering Protection:

  • Built to Last: The Heavy-Duty Frame Tent is meticulously crafted from high-quality, water-resistant, and rot-proof canvas. This robust material boasts a weight of 600-650 grams per square meter (GSM), ensuring exceptional durability and lasting protection for your stored items. Say goodbye to worrying about rain, snow, or harsh sunlight damaging your equipment.

Breathable Comfort for Optimal Storage Conditions:

  • Moisture Prevention: The tent features an inner lining made from breathable cotton fabric with a weight of 150-160 GSM. This breathable lining allows for air circulation within the tent, preventing moisture build-up and condensation. By maintaining a well-ventilated environment, your stored items remain protected from mold, mildew, and other moisture-related damage.

Exceptional Height for Easy Access and Movement:

  • Spacious Interior: The Heavy-Duty Frame Tent boasts a center height of 3 meters and a wall height of 2 meters. This exceptional height creates a spacious interior, allowing for easy access to your stored items and providing ample headroom for maneuvering large equipment within the tent.

Sturdy Steel Frame for Unmatched Stability:

  • Rock-Solid Support: The frame of the Heavy-Duty Frame Tent is constructed from robust, rust-resistant painted steel pipes with a substantial diameter of 60mm. This sturdy frame ensures the tent remains stable and secure even in challenging weather conditions, providing unwavering support and protecting your belongings from wind, rain, or snow.

Effortless Access and Ventilation:

  • Convenient Entry & Exit: Two strategically placed, extendable doors allow for easy access to the tent’s interior, even with large equipment. These extendable doors offer additional flexibility and convenience when maneuvering bulky items within the storage space.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: The Heavy-Duty Frame Tent comes equipped with 8-10 windows (depending on the specific model) strategically placed throughout the structure. These windows provide ample ventilation and natural light within the tent, further enhancing the storage environment and preventing moisture build-up.

Offering exceptional storage capacity, unmatched protection, and a user-friendly design, the Heavy-Duty Frame Tent is the ideal choice for anyone requiring a spacious and secure storage solution. From construction sites to agricultural needs, temporary workshops, or any situation requiring ample space, this remarkable tent provides the perfect answer.


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