MOSQUITE NET Rectangular Shape

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Type: Readymade rectangular bed nets loops or Metal rings as per request.

Composition: 100% knitted polyester in white color.

Weight: 100% denies: 40 g/m2, 75 denies: 30g/m2 (36 filaments)

Treatment: Long Lasting Impregnation / Non Treated

Product Meta

Rectangular Mosquito Net

Looking for a comfortable night’s sleep free from pesky mosquitoes? Our rectangular mosquito net is the perfect solution!


  • Rectangular shape: Ensures ample coverage for your bed.
  • Readymade in various sizes: We offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs, with straps, loops, or metal rings for hanging (as requested). Don’t see your size? We can also provide custom sizes.
  • Durable material: Made from 100% knitted polyester in white for a clean and breathable feel. An opening is optional to suit your preference.
  • Effective protection: Choose from two densities: 100% denies (40 g/m2) or 75 denies (30g/m2) with 36 filaments for reliable mosquito protection.
  • Optional treatment: For added protection, consider long-lasting impregnation treatment.

Additional Information:

  • Our mosquito nets are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Packing can be customized with your logo upon request.

Note: This description is for the mosquito net only and does not include the capacity, weight, or color information you provided about jerry cans. Those seem unrelated to mosquito nets.


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