Family Tent

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Dimensions                                        Outer Tent Vestibules 6.50 x 4.00 M,       Inner Tent 3.95 x 3.80 M

Useable Area                                     26 M2 (Approx)

Height                                                   Center Outer Height 2.20 M,       Center Inner Tent Height 2.10 M

Wall Height, 1.50 M                        Wall Height Inner Tent, 1.50 M

Door Height, 1.40 M                       Vestibules Area 1.30 x 4.00 (Front/Rear)


Fabric                                    Outer Tent roof Fabric: 350 g/m2 (+/- 5%) polyester / cotton blend natural

white water, Rot proof +UV resistance polyester 65% / cotton 35%. Natural grey color.

Outer Tent Wall Fabric: 200 g/m2 (+/- 5%) polyester / cotton blend natural

white water repellent, +UV resistance polyester 65% / cotton 35%. Natural grey color.

Inner Tent Fabric 130 g/m2 (+/- 5%) polyester / cotton blend natural grey


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Experience Spacious Comfort and Functionality with the Deluxe Tent

The Deluxe Tent is your perfect companion for creating a comfortable and functional home away from home during your next camping trip or outdoor adventure. This well-designed tent offers ample space for families or groups, while its durable and weatherproof construction ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Unwind in a Spacious Interior:

  • Expansive Outer Tent: The generous outer tent measures 6.5 meters by 4 meters, providing a total usable area of approximately 26 square meters. This spacious area allows for comfortable sleeping arrangements, dedicated living space, and storage for all your gear.
  • Stand Tall Inside: With a center height of 2.20 meters in the outer tent, you can move around freely and enjoy a sense of openness. The inner tent also offers a comfortable height of 2.10 meters, with walls reaching 1.50 meters, ensuring a relaxed and spacious feel for most adults.

Durable Construction for Unwavering Protection:

  • Built to Last: The outer tent boasts a robust construction featuring a water-repellent and rot-proof polyester/cotton blend fabric. The roof utilizes a heavier weight fabric (350 g/m2) for enhanced protection, while the walls are made from a lighter yet durable material (200 g/m2). Both fabrics incorporate UV resistance for lasting use under sunlight.
  • Breathable Comfort: The inner tent is crafted from a breathable polyester/cotton blend fabric (130 g/m2), offering comfortable air circulation and a touch of privacy.

Functional Design for Added Convenience:

  • Convenient Vestibules: The Deluxe Tent features vestibules at both the front and rear of the tent, each measuring 1.3 meters by 4 meters. This extra space provides a designated area for storing shoes, backpacks, or other camping essentials, keeping the main living area organized and clutter-free.

The Deluxe Tent offers the perfect blend of space, functionality, and weatherproof protection, making it the ideal choice for your next outdoor adventure.


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